Turning the Page to 2021

Sankofa is expressed as a mythical bird with its feet firmly planted forward while its head is turned backwards to fetch an egg. Its stance symbolizes wisdom in learning from the past in order to ensure a strong future. As we turn the page from 2020 to 2021:

This post is in loving memory of the 1.83 million people who died due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This post is dedicated to all who survived COVID-19.

This post is dedicated to the more than 340,000 individuals nationwide who died due to COVID-19 and their loved ones, deeply impacted by their absence.

2020 was the year of first responders. This post is dedicated to the EMTs, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and teachers.

This post is dedicated to the countless individuals who struggled in 2020, whose lives were further complicated by COVID-19.

This post is dedicated to anyone who has lived with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia, and their caregivers.

In March of 2020, my mother spoke to WNYC about inadequate staffing and poor standards of care at the Downtown Brooklyn Nursing & Rehabilitation Center where my grandmother lived for seven years with Alzheimer’s Disease. COVID-19 exacerbated these conditions. My mother spoke under the guise of anonymity, fearful of retaliation from the administration.

WNYC Reporter Cindy Rodriguez recently spoke with my mother to learn about her experiences since the height of the pandemic.

Wishing you a peaceful, prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year!